J3CS 20

Our new range of J3CS actuators offers the possibility to cover the entire voltage range:
- The Serie J3CS S20 Goes from 24 VDC / VAC up to 240 VDC / VAC with just one actuator.
- The Serie J3CS B20 works at 12 VAC / VDC.
It is, therefore, a quarter-turn actuator, full multivoltage, with a maximum torque of 25Nm.
Its electronic board is divided into two parts, comprised of a power supply and a common control for all models.
All other features such as the automatic / manual lever (MDL), the visual position indicator (VPI), the emergency manual override (EMO)RGB LED, visual control of operation (VCO), automatic temperature control (ATC), and electronic torque control (ETL) they are common to those of the previous J3C series.
The new DPS 2017, with an encoder system, has been designed for this new range.
As with our new 2017 BSR system, which has been designed exclusively for our J3CS range.

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Additional information


J3CS S20 = 24 - 240 VDC / VAC
J3CS B20 = 12 VDC / VAC

Maximum Starting Torque

25 Nm / 221 lb / in

Maximum Operating Torque

20 Nm / 177 lb / in

Degree of protection



Anticorrosive polyamide (body and cover)

External Main Axes

Anticorrosive polyamide

Exterior Screws

Stainless steel


Steel and polyamide

Visual Position Indicator


Dome Vision


Adjustable Internal Cams



Single phase 24VDC